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July 10 2017

June 21 2017

June 13 2017

May 31 2017

Keeping On Keeping On by Alan Bennett Ade is on page 187 of 736 of <a href="/book/show/31887516-keeping-on-keeping-on">Keeping On Keeping On</a>.
Ade wrote: "One of the real regrets of my life is that I have never kept a donkey." Even as self-parody, this is laying it on a bit thick.
Keeping On Keeping On by Alan Bennett Ade is currently reading Keeping On Keeping On by Alan Bennett

May 25 2017

Ade shared a quote
We shall never fully understand nature (or ourselves), and certainly never respect it, until we dissociate the wild from the notion of usability - however innocent and harmless the use. For it is the general uselessness of so much of nature that lies at the root of our ancient hostility and indifference to it.John Fowles

May 22 2017

May 18 2017

Ade liked a quote
Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.H.L. Mencken

May 17 2017

May 15 2017

A Very English Scandal by John  Preston Ade gave 3 stars to A Very English Scandal: Sex, Lies and a Murder Plot at the Heart of the Establishment (Paperback) by John Preston
A tremendous yarn...perhaps rather less satisfying or reliable as history. Relying as it does principally on Peter Bessell's (likely self-serving) memoirs and apparently Norman Scott's testimony, Preston is left rather stranded when the actions of those two principals appear somewhat mysterious or irrational. Why, for example, despite being openly betrayed several times by Thorpe, does the apparently well-meaning Bessell still twist abruptly from grievance and anger to slavish declarations of loyalty to his former colleague, for reasons that he himself admits deny all logic?

Jeremy Thorpe, of course, is no longer here to defend himself - and showed a marked reluctance even to revisit the story in life once he had been found innocent in court. Not surprising if one feels, as almost the entire Establishment seemed to, that he had a lucky escape when he was almost certainly guilty. In this telling, Thorpe comes across as a classic psychopath; charming, urbane, carried away by his own rhetoric and yet incapable of true empathy with those he seduced. His affair with Scott here looks like abuse of a vulnerable young man (seemingly a recurrent tale among the Liberal Party of the time), while Scott, for all his protestations of being a reluctant homosexual, certainly seems as if, to borrow the classic remark, he would be happy to assist if they were shorthanded.

I can't help comparing this book to Rupert Davenport-Hines's An English Affair: Sex, Class and Power in the Age of Profumo, and not only because of the similarity in their titles. Profumo and Thorpe bookend the Wilson premierships, even though he had no direct involvement in either. Interestingly, while Wilson was happy to take full advantage of Profumo to nail the ramifications of his affair to the Conservative government and thus ease his path to victory, he held off exposing Thorpe while the latter was conducting coalition talks with Heath, chiefly at the urging of Bernard Donaghue not to drag himself down to that level (although he would later muddy the waters to Thorpe's advantage by hinting darkly at South African involvement in the matter).
French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain Ade gave 3 stars to French Rhapsody (Paperback) by Antoine Laurain
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

May 13 2017

French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain Ade is currently reading French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain

May 12 2017

Out of Time by Miranda Sawyer Ade gave 4 stars to Out of Time (Kindle Edition) by Miranda Sawyer
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May 10 2017

A Very English Scandal by John  Preston Ade is on page 311 of 352 of <a href="/book/show/31850727-a-very-english-scandal">A Very English Scandal</a>.
Out of Time by Miranda Sawyer Ade is currently reading Out of Time by Miranda Sawyer

May 09 2017

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